Next Level Racing GTtrack Cockpit

Projetado para profissionais e pilotos virtuais que levam o sim racing asério.


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  • Designed for professionals and serious sim racers
  • Built with rigidity to support direct drive wheels and professional pedals
  • Pre-drilled for all major brands Thrustmaster®, Logitech® and Fanatec®
  • Compatible with Motion Platform V3 and Traction Plus Platform
  • Add-on include Buttkicker adaptor, four point racing harness
  • Designed to be stationary or mobile through Lockable Caster Wheels and height adjustable feet

Pd1 Gttrack


The Next Level Racing® GTtrack is the ultimate cockpit for serious sim racers looking for rigidity, complete adjustability and a true race car seating position. The GTtrack’s design was inspired by feedback from professional drivers and some of the world’s fastest eSports drivers to give you every feature required for serious sim racing. The GTtrack is the strongest, most feature-packed cockpit to hit the market, setting a new benchmark for racing simulation.

Compatible With Best Seller.2

Gttrack Dd Wheelt Circle

Compatible with Direct Drive Wheels

The complete rigidity of the GTtrack allows it to support direct drive wheels and professional pedal sets as well as being compatible with all major wheels and pedals including Thrustmaster®, Logitech® and Fanatec®.

Compatible With Logos Dd


With the highest manufacturing methods of laser cutting and robotic welding, the GTtrack is built be adjustable for all. Users are able to adjust the distance and angle of the pedals to ensure an accurate representation of a car. The wheel plate allows both height and angle adjustment, completed with seat distance and angle adjustment to ensure an immersive racing experience.

Gttrack Stong Adjust Circle
Gttrack Fasterst Gamer


You can get serious in the driver’s seat as the Next Level Racing® cockpits are also used by professional drivers such as Red Bull Racing®’s Mad Mike Whiddett, Project Cars 2 Challenger World Champion 2019 “Khaki”, professional Rally Driver Ricardo Costa Jnr & David Greco

GTtrack is a complete package cockpit, combining great stability, rigidity and superb comfort with awesome looks. Next Level Racing GTtrack helps with the consistency in very long simulation stints, making the training a pleasure.

Kamil “Khaki” Pawlowski- Project Cars 2 World Champion 2019

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Don’t be limited! The GTrack cockpit is designed to be to be modular with the Next Level Racing® Motion Platform V3 and the Next Level Racing® Traction Plus Platform for the ultimate simulation experience in less than one hour. The GTtrack interactive simulator is comparable to systems used by  professional racing team with million dollar training budgets.

Gttrack Hero Circle
Gttrack Flight Circle


Being one of a kind cockpit, the GTtrack can easily be converted to a flight cockpit with Next Level Racing® Combat flight Pack. A design that is suited for any flight user that is wanting a change in scenery from the race tracks to explore the skies. The four point harness, creates an immersive flight experience for any flight enthusiast.


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