CSL Elite Racing Wheel for Xbox One & PC





Positioned below the ClubSport Wheel Base V2, but more powerful than the V1, the CSL Elite Wheel Base is certainly powerful enough to handle all CSL and ClubSport steering wheels.

Interchangeable Steering Wheels

Change a Steering Wheel even during the game within seconds with the automotive grade quick release system established by our ClubSport series.

Powerful high-precision engine

The powerful brushless servo motor in combination with the single belt drive, delivers incrediblly smooth and super-fast Force Feedback effects, eliminating dead spots. It provides instant acceleration within it’s up to 1080° of rotation.

Performing features

The rev lights built into the top cover of the Wheel Base allow RPM information, and other functions (depending on the game), like fuel level

Compatibility to Xbox One®

This Wheel Base is compatible with PC and Xbox One® in combination with the included CSL Steering Wheel P1 for Xbox One.

Table Clamp included

In addition to the hard-mount points, the racing wheel base comes with a table clamp right out-of-the-box allowing a stable and toolless attachment to your desk or table.

CSL Steering Wheel P1 for Xbox One

Wheel rim with comfortable surface and maximum grip.

Display and RevStripe®

A rev meter is integrated in the center stripe of the rim top section and is using a multicolour LED to show the center position of the wheel and the revmeter at the same time. The three digit LED display can be used to show telemetry data or to set up the wheel Tuning options.

Compact & Lightweight

With a diameter of 30 cm and a weight of 1170 g this steering allows quick movements and fast reactions. Though it’s a solid construction with a brushed aluminum plate.

  • Ultra strong brushless servo motor which delivers up to 6Nm of torque on the steering axis
  • Single beld drive unit for direct power transfer from motor to steering axis and with big ball bearings for lowest friction
  • Very fast steering wheel acceleration – ideal for drifting
  • 1080° of rotation which can be adjusted in the tuning menu of the attached Steering Wheel
  • Integrated rev light bar in the Wheel Base
  • Choose from a growing selection of very realistic Steering Wheels in many different styles
  • Quick Release system to allow the easy exchange of Steering Wheels within seconds, also during gameplay
  • Supports vibration motors in the steering wheel (depending on the steering wheel model)
  • Mount for ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles and other optional accessories
  • Table clamp included. Thickness range of the table board/desktop that the table clamp is able to lock is 1,0 to 6,0 cm
  • Firmware can be updated with new features
  • Fast 500 Hz USB update rate
  • Allows connection of two external shifters (e.g. H-pattern and sequential) in parallel
  • Connection ports for peripheral devices: USB, Power, Pedals, Shifter 1, Shifter 2, Handbrake
  • RevStripe™ in wheel rim, which is a combined Centerstripe and a revmeter, using a multicolour LED
  • Three digits LED display smoothly integrated to wheel rim below the RevStripe™
  • Wheel rim with comfortable surface and maximum grip
  • Buttons with Xbox One symbols
  • Low steering wheel weight of only 1170 g for increased acceleration and fidelity
  • Tuning functions with LED display of the steering wheel to adjust settings independent from the game and during gameplay
    • Saves up to 5 wheel set-ups
    • Adjust force feedback strength during game play
    • Adjust sensitivity independent from the game. Turning angle can be adjusted in the wheel from 90° to 1080°
    • Adjustment for ABS vibration intensity in the steering wheel (depending on the steering wheel model) and on pedals with rumble motor like the ClubSport Pedals V3 for all games
    • Change the linearity in the steering axis to get the precision of a 1080° wheel and the fast movement of a 270° wheel
    • Add some artificial dead zone to avoid shaking on straights if needed
    • Customize the force feedback sensations by changing the spring, force effects and dampening forces
    • Adjust the brake force sensitivity of compatible Loadcell Pedals like the ClubSport Pedals V3 or the CSL Elite Pedals LC


  • All Fanatec ClubSport Steering Wheels
  • All Fanatec CSL Steering Wheels
  • All Fanatec ClubSport, CSR, CSR Elite, CSL and CSL Elite Pedals
  • All Fanatec Shifters (two shifters simultaneously)
  • Fanatec ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles
  • Fanatec ClubSport Handbrake (direct connection to Wheel Base)
  • Mounting on Cockpits and Wheel Stands: 3 hard-mount points on the bottom of the Wheel Base. Please refer to the drilling template in the download section for the hole pattern and distances. The hole pattern is identical with the ClubSport Wheel Bases without the angle adapter (3 hard-mount holes). Please take not that the CSL Elite Wheel Base hole pattern is NOT compatible to the the discontinued CSL Seat.


  • Xbox One®: The CSL Elite Racing Wheel P1 for Xbox One is compatible with Xbox One® out-of-box due to the included CSL Steering Wheel P1 for Xbox One. Without any Xbox One® licensed Steering Wheel attached, the Wheel Base is NOT compatible to Xbox One®.
  • PlayStation®: This product is not compatible to any PlayStation® console and cannot be upgraded to achieve compatibility.
  • This Wheel Base is compatible with PC in combination with the included steering wheel and all other compatible steering wheels.
Special Notes
  • In order to drive a sim race you need a set of pedals (not included). Please use the product configurator to configure your system.
  • Table clamp included. You can also mount it with screws to a cockpit or wheel stand (see drilling template in download section).
  • No hard-mount screws included. Please read the manual for information about qualified screws.
  • To connect discontinued Fanatec Pedals with PS/2 Socket like CSP v1/v2 or CSR, you need the additional PS/2 to RJ12 cable.
  • This product comes as a set, delivered as seperate products for assembly.
  • Please check the product description sites of the CSL Elite Wheel Base and CSL Steering Wheel P1 for Xbox One for more detailed information about the individual products.
What’s included
  • CSL Elite Wheel Base
  • Table Clamp
  • Power supply (cables: socket to power supply 1,5 m/6 ft.; power supply to wheel base 1,5 m/6 ft)
  • USB cable (2 m/6 ft.)
  • CSL Steering Wheel P1 for Xbox One
  • Quick Release safety pin for long storage
  • Quick Release safety screw for permanent mount (M6 x 18mm flat head)
  • Allen Key 5 mm
  • Quick Guides


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